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29 March 2009 @ 12:37 pm
Welcome to the first and only community specifically for claiming Disney Channel characters from original movies or TV series, as well as Disney actors, actresses, and musicians.

- you must be and stay a member to keep a claim, if you leave the community, your claim may be taken by another (you don't have to watch it, though)
- only disney-related characters or people will be accepted. take other claims to iam_theor iam_lj</lj>
- if your journal is inactive for longer then three months, you claim can be taken
- you may only hold ONE CLAIM at a time
- please link back to iam_disneyin your profile
- put "just so you know" or some variation in the subject line so I know you read the rules

- please tag your entries
- tag either "!fictional" or "!musician", "!actress," "!actor"
- addition tags for first and last names are needed to help sort: i.e. for miley cyrus: "first name: m" and "last name: c" OR for miley stewart: "first name: m" and "last name: s"
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